Building Rental

Portion Rented

Rental Fees

Auditorium & Kitchen (no cooking)
$ 300.00
Auditorium & Kitchen (cooking)
$ 300.00
Kitchen Only (for cooking)
Merrill Township Board approved
Non-profit organization meetings
Community Benefit meetings


  1. Merrill Township sponsored activities (have priority)
  2. Neighborhood improvement groups or associations
  3. Merrill Township community associations
  4. Public meetings of general interest held by non-profit organizations,
  5. individuals wishing to use the building for receptions, weddings, or
  6. other celebrations, funeral gatherings, recitals, etc.


  • All persons renting the building must present a certificate of insurance (obtained from their agent) showing that they have general liability coverage.
  • Further, the Township must be listed as the certificate holder on the certificate.


  • A group or an individual misrepresenting itself as to name and/or purpose when using the building will not be allowed to use the building again.
  • No fund-raisers except by registered non-profit groups or organizations or Township-sponsored activities.
  • No activities extending beyond 1:00 a.m.


  • Up to 200 persons


  • Rental fees shall be established by the Merrill Township Board and may be changed as deemed necessary.
  • Rental fees include tables, chairs, commercial kitchen equipment & utensils, and Janitorial duties. All other materials are the responsibility of renter.
  • Payment of rental fee and deposit are to be made to Merrill Township at least 72 hours prior to activity. U.S. Money order or cash only.
  • Pre-inspection with renter will be held. The deposit will be returned after a through post-inspection determines no damage or uncleanness found.
  • Failure to cancel reservation at least 24 hours prior to activity will result in forfeiture of deposit. Repeated cancellations may result in denial of further building privileges.


  • The individual, group, or organization using the building shall provide adult supervision at events held for children. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of building use.
  • The individual renting the facility, or a group's or organization's supervisor, must be in attendance while the building is being utilized, including set-up operations.
  • The individual, group, or organization shall report any/all damage of the building, furniture, equipment, or utensils. Should the clean-up or damage costs be higher than the collected deposit, the Township reserves the right to collect additional funds to pay the cost.
  • There may or may not be a monitor present.


  • No smoking is allowed in the building


  • Decorations may only be attached to walls or hung from the ceiling providing "poster putty is used to attach them.
  • No nails, tack, or tape are to be used.


  • The individual, group, or organization using the building is responsible for set-up and clean-up.
  • Set-up may occur the day before if it has been previously cleared. Clean-up must be done before vacating the building.
  • All garbage and refuse must be bagged and placed in the container's provided.
  • No materials may be stored in the building either before set-up or after clean-up.


  • Merrill Township, the Merrill Township Board, are not responsible for theft or damage to personal property, nor for personal injury.
  • Merrill Township, the Merrill Township Board, do not necessarily advocate or endorse the viewpoints of the building users.


  • Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, as specified under "Rental Qualifications."
  • Reservations must be made by completing a reservation request form, by signing the Building Rental Agreement, and paying deposit and rental fees.
  • Reservation approval is contingent upon past experiences with the individual, group or organization.


  • The Merrill Township Board reserves the right to update or amend the Building Rental Policy as needed at any time.